Holiday Wellness Wishlist

If you are a health and wellness enthusiast (OR you know a health and wellness enthusiast) here's a list of gifts to consider getting your loved one (or yourself ;)) this holiday season. I personally have and regularly use all these things and feel they're some of my favorite tools for maintaining great health! 

Vitamix Blender

A high speed blender that can cut through frozen fruit, make nut milks and butters, blend up sauces into a creamy delicacy is....kind of a game changer. A quality high speed blender will make you feel excited to make yourself a healthy smoothie for breakfast, or a delicious homemade soup for dinner. I say, make it easy for yourself to WANT to make the choice you know you want to make by giving yourself the tools to make it EASY! My favorite blender linked here: Link to Vitamix

The Prana Mat 

I love, love, love my prana mat! It is part of my daily routine and I have noticed a significant decrease in tension and stress since I've started using it. The body can hold so many stored, unprocessed emotions. It's really remarkable the degree to which we can be disconnected from our body--most adults living the majority of their life in their head and not their body. If you experience stress (so, like, if you are a human being. Lol) or any type of nervous system dysregulation this is such a great wellness tool!

Order yours here!: Prana Mat 

Use coupon: oliviahertzog for a discount off your order 

Vivo barefoot Shoes

Kind of like a great high speed blender will make you want to prepare yourself healthy foods, a great pair of shoes will make you want to move around outside. I've been wearing Vivo barefoot shoes on all my hikes, sports, daily things...for years! Love them and frequently request a new pair for the holidays. Very much recommend these shoes for a more natural fit and greater connection to the earth! Link to Vivo Barefoot Shoes

Enema Kit

Enemas can be a powerful tool for cleaning out the colon and supporting the liver so it can better do its job (detox!). I know enemas can feel intimidating at first if you've never done one, but truly they are not so scary at all! And cleaning out the colon is truly essential for great overall health. Highly recommend! A great enema kit is this one: Enema Kit  

Massage Gun

Massages of all kinds are great for releasing tension and stress and for lymphatic movement. A  massage gun is great for self massage and to encourage lymphatic drainage which serves to help our kidneys filter even better. You can use this on yourself or recruit a friend or family member to use it on you. This is the massage gun I recommend: Massage Gun

Dry Brush

This simple but mighty tool helps promote lymphatic movement, circulation and unclogs your pores to encourage more sweating (so greater detox!) It's easy to use, inexpensive and leaves your skin feeling baby soft! This is the one I have: Dry Brush

Sauna Blanket

Saunas are an awesome way to encourage sweating and the release of toxins. If you have the means to use a full body sauna whether at your house or at a local gym, I totally encourage you to use that! If not, a sauna blanket can be a great, lower cost, more compact option. This is the sauna blanket I recommend: Sauna Blanket

Fresh Dates

Ordering fresh dates from my favorite family owned farm in California is an actual need of mine at the end of every year--like actual need. I request them for my birthday (October) and again for Christmas. These are the best dates I've ever had. Ever. If you want my specific advice get the "Royal Treatment Wet pack". Trust me ;). You want to try these dates!  Link to Fresh Dates

Neck Heating Pad

Heating Pads are cozy, comforting, and healing! Sometimes the best thing we can do for our health is to just nourish and love on ourselves. Laying on the couch with a warm heating pad around my neck is the perfect way to unwind and relax. Link to Heating Pad

Excalibur Dehydrator

A dehydrator is great for so many uses: making homemade raw wraps, dehydrating fresh fruit, making homemade, healthy granola bars--so many things! I am pretty choosy about kitchen appliances--I know how easy it can be to end up with a kitchen full of (mostly) unnecessary items. But I use my dehydrator constantly and really feel it is such a valuable tool for keeping me on track and inspired to eat healthy meals! And, if you ask me, Excalibur is the best brand for dehydrators out there. This is the one I have: Link to Excalibur

Puradyme Probiotic

There's a lot of probiotics out there, but it's my belief that Puradyme is the best of the best. I used this probiotic (and their digestive enzymes) when I was healing from a terrible parasitic infection in my colon. This product helped restore balance to my gut and made my digestion SO much smoother than it was previously (this in addition to a fiber rich, fruit based diet). Truly I recommend all of Puradyme products. Cannot speak highly of them enough! And recommend everyone with any amount of digestive discomfort to begin with their probiotic. Link to Probiotic

Daily Green Boost Green Powder

Let's be real--Daily green Boost is the BEST green powder on the market. I really don't have more to say than that. I've been using this green powder for years and I haven't found one yet that I like nearly so much. It's the best quality raw, organic, vegan barley grass juice powder available. Check it out! 

Order yours here!: Daily Green Boost

Get 10% off your order with coupon code: oliviahertzog 

 Book: Dying to be Me 

This is one of the most power healing stories I've ever read. From dying of cancer, to true, miraculous healing, Anita explains not only how she healed but the TRUE source of health and healing for all of us (hint: it's not a diet, detox or exercise plan). Highly recommend this book! Link to Dying to Be Me

Book: You can Heal Your Life

I can't think of a single person who wouldn't benefit from reading (and deeply understanding) Louise Hay's teachings. In this book she goes deep into the emotional aspect of health and shows that our symptoms--whatever they may be--reveal a disconnect from self, a lack of self love. Truly believe this is a must read for everyone. Link to You can Heal Your Life

Book: You're not Broken

Chris Duncan flips the script entirely He shows us how our subconscious beliefs about who we are, what we're capable of, and what we deserve play the largest role in our circumstances. If you believe you're broken, you will act accordingly. If you believe you're sick, you will act accordingly. Step #1 in health and healing is to know the truth of who we are (health). Chris breaks this all down beautifully! Link to You're not Broken



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