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"The Most Comprehensive, Down to Earth Raw Food Course out there!"


Whether you're brand new to raw food creation or wanting to move into the world of professional raw food prep....this course is for you!

  • Are you overwhelmed with learning a new way of preparing food?
  • Are you wanting to improve your health with living foods?
  • Are you wanting to learn how to make healthy meals for you and your family that you'll all actually look forward to eating?
  • Are you already into plant based and raw food eating and looking to build a business as a raw food chef?
  • Or maybe you're needing some new recipes and inspiration to come back to the joy of healthy eating?

Whatever it is for YOU; we got you covered....

I've been a private chef for celebrities all around the USA. I've also hosted health retreats with international guests from all over the world. The recipes in this course are the best of the best I've offered to all my clients-- even wowing those who were completely new to the world of plant based and raw vegan cuisine. 

It's my philosophy that the best food is simple, easy to prepare and jam packed with the highest nutrition. Whether I'm preparing a meal for myself, a local busy mom, or in the home of a billionaire the food is the same. 

With the recipes in this course you'll be wowing family, friends, or your very own clients!

What You'll Receive in this Course:

+106 Recipe and Video Tutorials ranging from raw food basics like smoothies and juices to more complex raw vegan pizza, pasta, wrap and dessert recipes. 

+7 modules including an Introduction, Juices, Smoothies, Raw Recipe Favorites, Salads and Dressings, Dehydrated Raw Gourmet and Raw Desserts

+Written recipes and descriptions to accompany every video tutorial

+Tips, tricks, swaps and other insights taught throughout every video to make your experience of preparing raw food more joyful, easy and fun! 

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I’m so in love with this course because it’s literally like having my raw vegan chef best friend in my pocket. I wish I had this course when I started incorporating more raw food into my life a year ago, because although I do like following written recipes , there’s just something extra special & supportive about a video. One of my favorite aspects of the course is all the extra tips & tricks Olivia adds into the videos that I wouldn’t otherwise know from just reading a recipe. I also love how much more excited and inspired I am to try new recipes , having these videos just makes it feel easier and more accessible for me. I want things in my life to be easy , especially taking good care of myself and feeding myself yummy , healthy food and this course brings me that ease. So excited to keep trying more recipes !!!


With Olivia’s video course you will have a precious tool in your hands: an essential reference course with which you can create a long list of delicious raw vegan food for yourself, your family and friends. No more hesitation about how to prepare these mouthwatering dishes! You will feel
totally empowered to create healthy meals in your own kitchen on a daily basis.
And you will have fun while watching each module! Olivia, Wes and Ruby are a fantastic trio that offer in-house entertainment while creating raw gourmet food in their home.
You will feel that you belong in this world and you have everything it takes to prepare amazing raw vegan dishes (colorful! tasty! exotic! comforting!) and enjoy vibrant, nutrient-rich food every day.


Extremely grateful for a video course as I love learning visually and it feels Like I’m in your kitchen creating! My wife is more of the raw expert in the kitchen but with these videos my confidence is growing and I’m ready to make some magic. The money saving tip was great and seeing how simple it can be is relieving. No more excuses on not having access to making some of my favorite foods!