Freedom, Joy & Ease 

Health Is Your Identity

It's time to embrace the truth of who you fundamentally are: Health.

Imagine this:

  • Freedom.¬†Imagine an experience with your health where you're not constantly preoccupied with food; you're not worried if you're eating the "right" thing. You're not stressed, frustrated, or stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of being "on track" or "off track".¬†Imagine knowing health and healing are happening for you always, without fail.¬†And that you don't need to, in any way, be "perfect" in your healthy habits in order to experience extraordinary health and healing.¬†
  • Joy.¬†Imagine the process of taking care of your health as one of the most joyful experiences of your whole life. Imagine getting up every day excited to prepare nourishing food, to move your body, to rest when needed--to do all the things to take radically great care of yourself--and finding the whole experience so totally joy-filled. Imagine that.
  • Ease.¬†Imagine it being easy. Picture your whole being taking a big sigh of relief knowing that this doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be restrictive, stressful or extreme in any way. Instead there's a way towards extraordinary health that's totally do-able, and totally achievable where you get to feel relaxed and at ease through the process. Feel into these emotions: relief, peace, confidence.¬†

My Story:

For over a decade I suffered deeply. I had a very disordered way of relating to food and health. All day, every day, for years on end it felt like I was a complete slave to food and my health "problems".

For those 10 years I tried every single day to repair my relationship with food and my body. I remember going to bed every night thinking "I will do better tomorrow" or "I will try harder". I remember praying the most desperate prayers for help and strength and freedom from this struggle. 

But nothing ever changed. Ever. 

Until finally, exasperated and desperate I reached out for help.

In doing so I began to realize the reason I was so stuck was because my very identity was at conflict with my desires. I had built an identity around being a person who was sick, being a person with a really disordered relationship with food. I believed deeply about myself that WHO I was was broken and in need of fixing. 

My identity (broken/sick) was in total conflict with my desires (healthy/free/whole). 

And it wasn't until I realized that and began doing the deep identity work: looking at my subconscious stories, challenging my preconceived ideas about health, shifting what I believed about WHO I was and what I deserved--it was only THEN did my efforts to find healing actually begin to work. 

I realized I was never broken. I wasn't even as sick as I thought I was. But so long as I carried around those stories, all the attempts at healthy eating, healthy movement, and healing my symptoms were ultimately in vain....

Your thoughts create your reality. Your internal world consisting of all your thoughts, perceptions, conscious and subconscious beliefs are reflected in your current state of health. In order to change your experience in your body, we must look to your internal world.

Health Is Your Identity

A radical new approach to health

I've observed a lot over the last near decade being in the health world. And I am increasingly convinced that it's not enough to simply eat a healthy diet, but it is essential we pair healthy habits with a healthy mindset.

You must know that at health is WHO you are--not merely what you do. Pairing the power of a healthy diet and lifestyle with a mindset that knows health as your fundamental nature and truth is....different than anything you've ever tried before. I promise you that. 

Are you ready?

What you'll experience when you join this program:


  • Freedom, Joy, And Ease.¬†No more feeling stuck in old patterns and mindsets that simply do not serve you. No more confusion about what to eat,¬†how to heal or how to trust your body to experience naturally occurring experiences.
  • An entirely new way of viewing health.¬†Health is your birthright. It's yours. Right now. At this moment. It is your VERY Identity.¬†You don't have to "fix" your health. It's not broken. Together we will shift your mindset and Identity towards Health being WHO you are and what you deserve, even when your choices aren't "perfect".¬†¬†
  • A diet plan the works for you. Forever.¬†I know you're over trying to figure out how to eat to reach your health goals. I get it. It's simply exhausting trying the new trendy thing time and time again. So we're done with that. I will show you how to eat that's balanced and sustainable so you can maintain it once and for all. I sincerely wish to see you succeed not just for the next 30 or 60 days--but for decades to come. And we can absolutely make this a reality for you!
  • A stronger connection to your own Inner Knowing (Intuition).¬†We all know there are a million different people saying a million different things about health these days. So many contradicting ideas, so much confusion. You can find evidence for nearly anything being both healthy or the least healthy thing on the planet. (Think "fruit is the healthiest food" OR "fruit has WAY too much sugar").¬† I'm going to walk alongside you offering you insights, tools and ideas to help find the diet and health plan that works for you.

4 Week Coaching Program


Within my  4 week program we will work on: a diet plan that works for you, mindset, identity, and other lifestyle habits so you can achieve the health of your dreams!

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I'm ready for this!

6 Week Coaching Program


We'll go even deeper in my  6 week program to work on: a diet plan that works for you, mindset, identity, and other lifestyle habits so you can achieve the health of your dreams!

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12 Week Coaching Program


My 3 month program is my fullest program. It's the deepest deep dive into diet, mindset, identity, and lifestyle habits.

Bonus: 1 year of access to my private community which includes all my recipes, monthly challenges, and additional group coaching calls. Click the link below to read more.

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1:1 Consultation with Olivia


60 Minute live Zoom Call with Olivia to identify what needs to change in your habits or perception for your health to flourish.

And to create an empowered course of action for you moving forward.  


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Pam Brewer

 "I went into this this program thinking we would be talking about meal plans and eating but to my surprise it was all about your mindset and getting to the root cause of our eating habits. What a game changer for me! I learned to look deep in to what was triggering me as well as learn to love myself enough to make good choices not only with food but with other behaviors. This journey has truly changed my life and I am so grateful to Olivia for setting the groudnwork for a life of good health and a deep love for myself. I am Health!!"


Kasey Slinkard

 Wow! Where to begin with this journey?! I had an idea in my mind of focusing on food and food alone. My goal was to tone up, lose fat percentage, and remove all “bad” food from my diet. In just a few weeks, my mindset changed so much in the best way possible! The last four sessions I had with Olivia we didn’t even discuss food. Throughout this journey I learned who I am, what I desire, what makes me happy, and how to focus on my desires and chase my dreams. I learned that the food choices and everything else just naturally fall into place once I learned who I truly was and once my identities weren’t at battle with each other. Olivia gave me the tools to help discover who I am and what I desire. She was available at any given time when I needed support. I looked forward to our meetings every week and instantly felt better after talking with her. The materials she provided helped guide my thoughts and helped me focus on myself. I feel amazing and like I’m finally awake for the first time in a really long time! 


Are You Ready to Experience absolute Freedom, Joy And Ease? 

I'm ready when you are.