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  • A growing collection of raw vegan (and cooked vegan) recipes added to¬†regularly.¬†Currently OVER 500 raw vegan recipes posted.
  • Bi-Weekly¬†LIVE group coaching calls
  • My "I am Health" Meditation series
  • An herbal remedies resource
  • My two 7 day meal plans
  • Classes from other top professionals in the health and wellness world.
  • Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Packages where we will work together to reach your health goals!
  • A safe¬†place to join me and others who want to talk about the REAL stuff without any judgement, perfectionism, or unhealthy diet dogma.¬†
  • More intimate access to me.
  • Exclusive content that I won't be sharing on Instagram or any other social media platform: health stuff, mindset stuff, relationship stuff.
  • As a community member you receive special discounts on my favorite products, courses, coaching, events, and retreats!¬†

Aside from my 1:1 coaching packages this place is the best place to get coaching from me as well as all my recipes, meditations and other resources at a most affordable rate. Excited to have you!

There is the most extraordinary benefit in belonging to a group of people who have positive stories to share of health and healing.

Do you feel alone on your health journey? Like no one else gets it or supports you?

Maybe you don't feel totally alone, but are looking for new inspiration and accountability.

There is immense power in being around people who believe in the body's ability to heal.

People who will route for you without judgement. Who will walk the path of healing and healing alongside you. 

Getting involved in a positive health community was one of the most important choices I ever made for my health. Ever.

Now I'm here to help you--and I'm so excited to do so!

You deserve the most extraordinary health and happiness. You are so worth this commitment. 

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Currently over 500+ raw vegan and plant based recipes available with more being added weekly! Juices, smoothies, salads, dressings, raw vegan gourmet and desserts. Beginner level to advanced recipes. 


As a community member you get first notice and access to all my special offers and events at a discounted cost: group and private retreats, private coaching, courses, and everything else I offer. 

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