Why I Love Bananas

Ok- So here's the deal: bananas aren't the most magical fruit in the whole world. I didn't even eat exclusively bananas for 2 months because they have some super power to kill off parasites. I don't continue to eat up to 10 bananas on a daily basis because they're better than all the other fruit. (Sorry bananas; love you but its true.)

My philosophy is that our bodies are the magic. Our bodies are super heroes and super healers! If we "get out of the way," (meaning we stop putting in garbage that keeps our bodies from being able to do its natural healing/cleansing thing,) we're able to cure even "incurable" diseases.

Our bodies are constantly working to rid themselves of all the junk we take in- whether from food, drink, the air, the water we bathe in or play in, the toxic makeup, lotions, shampoos, etc that we use. We absorb and consume a lot of nasty stuff! And our bodies are always working for us to get rid of it.

When we consume foods were not intended to eat, we're taxing our bodies so much more and making it a lot harder for them to do their cleansing and healing work!

The idea with eating only bananas, (or so many of them,) is that fruit doesn't tax our bodies- at least its the least taxing of any other food choice.

You could think of it like fasting. Fasting is a fast track to healing and health. But we cant constantly be fasting- and shouldn't be. Fruit is the easiest thing for our bodies to eat, digest, and assimilate all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that we need!

Fruit is optimal human food! Bananas happen to be really reliable, calorically dense and delicious- which is why Ive eaten sooooo many pf them over the last several years.

But theyre not better than grapes, watermelon, mangoes, papaya, coconuts, apples, berries etc.

The best fruit for you to eat is the fruit you love the most and can eat tons and tons of everyday!

So there you have it, eat your fruit people!


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