Community Retreats 2024!

THE place to be with likeminded, health conscious, growth oriented people! 

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SO: Community Retreats!

An extraordinary weekend of doing healthy things that just might happen to be the most fun, most exciting, and perhaps the most authentic experience of your YEAR. 

Fall 2024 dates are: 

September 6-8th 

At my home in Central PA. You have the option to camp/car camp at my home (tents/bedding available to rent--you can purchase at checkout) OR you can get a nearby hotel or airbnb (happy to share a list of nearby options for these if you message me). 

How would it feel to be around people who just "get it"?

If you ask me there are far too few spaces and opportunities for people to be together with others who are on a similar path of health, wellness and growth.

If you know my story at all you know community has been a HUGE part of my success shifting my diet, lifestyle and mindset and maintaining (and actually expanding on) those changes after nearly a decade. 

So now I'm doing my part to bring people together to celebrate health, to learn about health, to eat nourishing, extraordinary plant based foods, to have fun, laugh, dance, cry--to do so many downright HUMAN (aka HEALTHY) things together. 

Truly--these retreats are way bigger, way beyond me. They have taken on a life and power of their own and just need to be here to experience it. 

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Adult + Child


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*Community members come at a discounted price. If you're in my community message me for your coupon!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to message us at [email protected] or on her Instagram!

*Don't hesitate! Previous retreats have filled up months in advance! Spaces are limited. 

What to expect/What's included!

+All your meals covered (all raw, all vegan)

+An in-person iridology reading from an expert iridologist 

+Pickleball, Hiking, Sauna and Cold Plunge, Nightly Bonfires

+Raw food Workshops

+Personal Growth Workshops (Nonviolent Communication, Nervous System Healing, Etc)

+Guest Facilitators for dance and/or other forms of art

+And more! It's a jam packed weekend focusing on education, inspiration and FUN. (We always leave some fun surprises for the event itself too ;)) 


It’s hard to put this weekend into words. It was hands down one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. To connect and be with people who are on the same journey as you, is life changing. Olivia and Wes not only hosted and cooked, but they taught, brought likeminded people together in physical form, and poured so much love into everything. Between Olivia’s knowledge on food and self-love, Wes’ knowledge on micro greens and hiking, Britt’s iridology readings, Addison’s desserts, the deep connections and talks, and the dancing, I felt at home for the first time in a long time. I finally felt like I was surrounded by my people. Everyone was so accepting, loving, knowledgeable, and caring. I won’t ever stop replaying this weekend in my head and can’t wait for many more!


I have never experienced the presence of so many open, welcoming, loving, and accepting individuals. 3 days with a judgement free family. I felt at peace even though I was in such a new and drastically different environment than I’ve ever been in. It was heartwarming to see so many souls full of life and supporting each other. Moments spent sharing with others and moments sitting in silence in their presence were equally powerful. It was beautiful to see this community come together, learn from one another, celebrate all our differences and feel a sense of belonging throughout the entire experience.


I’m doing my best to properly put into words how profoundly impactful my weekend spent with the beautiful humans I met at Olivia’s retreat was for my mind, body, and soul…but words can’t do it justice. Tears are streaming from my eyes as I reflect on it all. Never in my life have I walked into rooms that were radiating so much love. Never in my life have I felt immediately comfortable with a group of other humans. It felt phenomenal to be around other people who are on their own journey & doing the work- the self work. It was all so surreal. Every meal was fabulously phenomenal and flavorful. Olivia is truly a fantastic food artist. Everything was beautiful and bursting with life and flavor. Thank you to Olivia, Wes, and everyone who played a part in making this magnificently magical weekend possible. Thank you Olivia for passionately pouring your heart into everything you do.