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I love, love, love making my own juice! But sometimes life gets busy, sometimes I'm traveling without my juicer, or sometimes I'm really just not in the mood to make my own juice. I love Sol-ti because they are a company of the highest integrity and standards. They use glass, not plastic, to bottle their juices. They are organic. Their juices are cold pressed, raw, and unpasteurized--and delicious! I love supporting this company and I'm excited to talk about them and promote them myself! 

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Let's be real--Daily green Boost is the BEST green powder on the market. I really don't have more to say than that. I've been using this green powder for years and I haven't found one yet that I like nearly so much. It's the best quality raw, organic, vegan barley grass juice powder available. Check it out! 

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I love, love, love my prana mat! It is part of my daily routine and I have noticed a significant decrease in tension and stress since I've started using it. The body can hold so many stored, unprocessed emotions. It's really remarkable the degree to which we can be disconnected from our body--most adults living the majority of their life in their head and not their body. 

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This company is making raw, sprouted, organic superfoods more accessible and affordable than ever! GMO-free, no chemicals or preservatives, FOODNERD is truly changing the game when it comes to breakfast. They're RAW, sprouted cereals, overnight oats, and chia puddings are so good and totally meet my standards for quality and "cleanliness". I'm so into them! Highly recommend checking them out--especially if you have kids and want some healthier breakfast or after-school-snack options!

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