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  • A growing collection of raw vegan recipes added to regularly. Currently OVER 500 raw vegan recipes posted.
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  • My "I am Health" Meditation series
  • An herbal remedies resource
  • Classes from other top professionals in the health and wellness world.
  • Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Packages where we will work together to reach your health goals!
  • A safe place to join me and others who want to talk about the REAL stuff without any judgement, perfectionism, or unhealthy diet dogma. 
  • More intimate access to me.
  • Exclusive content that I won't be sharing on Instagram or any other social media platform: health stuff, mindset stuff, relationship stuff.
  • As a community member you receive special discounts on my favorite products, coaching, events, and retreats! 

This community is my dream: a little bit of therapy, a little bit of education, a whole lot of inspiration...and most definitely lots of love and connection. See you inside!

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What People In the Community are saying:

Even though I was brought here by Olivia‘s amazing recipes, I have gained so much more! Olivia‘s perspective is more than just great food it’s an all encompassing view of a holistic perspective on life and how we live it. Her ability to step out of the black-and-white (something I have always been challenged with), and explore the depth of the gray, has kept me feeling the freedom and joy of real internal growth. She guides me further on my Journey every time we talk. I am always amazed by her ability to challenge my thinking in a way that still gives me the room to be who I am in my journey. Thank YOU for providing the community and safe space for all of us.


I joined Olivia’s private community thinking it would be a great way to access her amazing Raw Vegan recipes. I was blown away by the amount of content she was sharing, with daily posts ranging from recipes, to motivational thoughts, to personal life updates. She took it a step further by adding group calls and personal one on one calls, even a future in-person event that I can’t wait for! Community tends to be an underrated aspect of our lives and our overall health, but if you understand the importance of building a strong support system, it’s truly worth every penny.


One of the main reasons I love your content so much is because you’ve shown that being a raw vegan can be accessible to anyone. For years I watched super stylized, super tropical, super complicated content and thought - there’s no way I can have / be / keep up with this. After discovering your simple, easy, accessible - yet delicious- recipes it changed my entire view on being high raw vegan. Thank you for showing up to this space as yourself- and for being inspiring both with food and with expansive thoughts. 💖✨


I truly enjoy the community that Olivia created. There is everything I need now in my life: great recipes, a group of like-minded people, a safe and open space to discuss what is going on so many different levels… Olivia does whatever she can to make everybody feel included and to be of service to the community. I am very grateful!


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