$2,499.00 USD

12 Week 1:1 Coaching Package

This 12 week program is my fullest, most comprehensive program. 

In this program we will work through the limiting beliefs and fears you have (that everyone has!) that keep you stuck in a state of less than extraordinary health. Health is ultimately a result of our self-concept--our identity. So as we shift how you perceive yourself your health will improve as well. The importance of this identity piece cannot be over emphasized enough! I have seen many a person stay sick (even while eating a very healthy diet!) because their self-concept was out of alignment with HEALTH. So we will adjust this big time for you. 

We will work on connecting you more deeply to yourself, establishing healthy habits and protocols that work for YOU. The "finish line" of extraordinary health is when you are able to put off all the outside opinions and noise and do what YOU love, what works for YOU in your unique body, with your unique preferences, needs, wants, and goals.

Health is WHO you are. It's not in the food or in any outside "thing". It is YOU. Let's connect you.

Bonus to my 12 week program is a YEAR's worth of access to my private community (all my recipes, weekly group coaching calls, challenges, workshops, etc). The idea with this 12 week program is that you will have a very comprehensive list of tools and resources to heal body, mind and spirit. And I will be here with you for a minimum of an entire year!

*This package consists of twelve 60 minute 1:1 calls over the course of 12 weeks, including daily accountability via personal messaging. In addition you will work through my online "Health is your Identity" course of recorded videos, documents, etc.